Floris Vanhoof Production Artist

Floris Vanhoof (1982) is interested in the hybrid form of music, photo and film. Projections and music produced by a modular synthesizer are central to his work. His first projections were 16 mm celluloid experimental films which evolved into pure visual experiences in which he questions viewing patterns.
His work is rooted in structural film and early electronic music.
From here grow audiovisual installations, expanded cinema performances and music editions.

Vanhoof creates his own instruments and installations and explores the grey area between image, light and sound. As a media-archaeologist he confronts the digitally spoiled visitor with flickering 16 mm films and slide installations, formats whose days are numbered. He deliberately choses analogue technology, not for nostalgic reasons, but because he wants to experiment with what used to be known as ‘high-tech’.

Vanhoof is looking for ways to create new images with old media. He makes his own translations of sound into image and vice versa, by connecting one medium to another not always compatible medium. Thereby he doesn’t impose his own vision, but he shows himself curious as to what his work elicits in the visitor. How does our perception work and what new perspectives arise?

Installations were exhibited at LLS387 Antwerp, SMAK Ghent, Castlefield Gallery Manchester, Vooruit Ghent, Network Aalst, Bozar Brussels, Film Festival Ghent, Beursschouwburg Brussels.

Performances took place at ISSUE Project Room New York, Aural Mexico City, UH Budapest, Hangar Bicocca Milan, Centre d'art contemporain Dijon, ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Flagey Brussels, Cafe OTO London, Extracity Antwerp, Witte de With Rotterdam, Kaskcinema Ghent, International Mystery Los Angeles, The Wulf Los Angeles, Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Museum van Elsene Brussels, KMSKA Antwerp, Les Urbaines Lausanne, Xing Live Arts Week Bologna, Electronica and Abril Madrid, Lal Lal Lal Tampere and Helsinki.

In 2015 he received the Audience Award of the Young Belgian Art Prize.

Overtoon (co)productions by Floris Vanhoof

Polyhedra 2017

Research projects

Polyhedra Environment

Other productions

Electronics and Bats
A Small Swarm of Gongs
Bug Sounds / Vinyl Canyon

Presentations by Floris Vanhoof

The State of Things 2017 group show iMAL Brussels BELGIUM 2017
Finissage STATE OF THINGS 2017 performance iMAL Brussels Belgium 2017
The Fluid Computer solo show de Warande Turnhout Belgium 2018
De Vloeibare Computer solo show Zwarte Zaal Gent Belgium 2019
Love. Hate. Debate. group show ING Art Center Brussels Belgium 2019