Guy Van Belle Research Artist

Guy Van Belle has been working radically with computer music since the end of the 1980s. Since this moment he has been involved with experimental media art. His work relies on the principles of synaesthesia, real-time generated images, abstractions and algorithms. With this, he has gradually turned away from the familiar parameters and skills for the production, display and reception of the work of art as we know it today. Van Belle set up a number of collaborative virtual organisations, such as Stellingname (1984- 1989), Young Farmers Claim Future (1990-2000), dBONANZAh! (1998-2002), mXHz. org (since 2002) and Society of Algorithm (since 2004), meant to investigate different forms of creativity (from real and non-physical beings, including machines). Guy Van Belle was a co-founder and for many years an active member of Okno. In the period between 2005 and 2009, Van Belle lived in Bratislava where he began to work under the pseudonym Gívan Belá and co-founded the social-artistic organisation Col-me (2007). Living in Prague, he wrote the fragmentary denizen epos (unpublished) and began working from an eco-technological point of view. Van Belle is a provocative and subversive figure who has launched a multitude of unverified stories, creating his own myth. Preparing an homage to Arseny Avraamov in Baku on the 7th of November, 2022, he set up the organisation The Baku 2022 Foundation (2006).

Research projects

Solar Amps
Solar Amp Workshop, workshop, Okno, Brussels, Belgium, 2013