Emile Van Helleputte Research Artist

Emile Van Helleputte approaches sound in a conceptual and critical way. His work questions the presentation of art objects and the context in which they are shown, but above all creates an awareness of the presence of sound. Usually, the artist doesn’t produce the sound in his work himself. Instead, the sound is created through the viewer’s imagination.

Coming from an education in jazz music, Van Helleputte started experimenting with the different uses of the double bass. Through the preparation of his instrument, his interest in the theoretical background of musical instruments and scores grew, resulting in a more conceptual approach.

In his recent work he mainly focusses on how written language in a visual context can imply sound. This happens through the use of materiality, historical references and theoretical interpretations.

Apart from his art practice, he’s still active as a double bass player in several musical projects.

Research projects

Organ Book
Open House, open studio, Hacktiris, Brussels, Belgium, 2020