Dominik 't Jolle Research Artist

Dominik is interested in people, culture, place and misplacement with a focus on building personal relationships and living with rural and urban communities for extended periods of time. Over twenty years she worked and lived in Cameron, Guinee (West Africa), Niger, Filipines and Belgium raising the profile of rural and marginal communities through film, sound recordings, visual arts projects and community based projects such as the building of water wells in Niger, community health support in the Filipines, empowerment social cohesion projects.

2016-current sound for solidarity (empowerment/social cohesion by children project) 2016 sound design for ‘Damonia’ short film by Ramy Mouharam Foud (Be) 2016 sound4solidarity, Karel de Grote university college of Antwerp (Be) 2015-current (research) work in progress tinnitus/sound generator

2015 work in progress ‘hallucination’
2014-current sound for solidarity Afghanistan
2014 ‘Only Suggestion’ Radio Forest, Neerpelt,B (first prize soundscape competition Musica)
2014 ‘Shanty Road’ part 1
2013 labyrinth part 2 (moving sound) on going process, Filipines
2013 sound design for a short film ‘ zeebenen ‘ by niels Gross, Nl
2012 ‘dialogues’ sound gathering and benefit for water well supporting project. 2012 ‘droomverzen’ sound scape for Bart Stouten, Zwarte Panter, Antwerp
2011 cinema for ears ‘ labyrinth part 1’ Kievitsnest, Antwerp
2011 sound assistant for Comp Marius ‘ All that fall’ Samuell Beckett
2009 Sound installation for Mayer van den Bergh Museum.
2009 Production of sound recordings and filmfragments based on Wodaabe nomad greetings in Niger for Rencontre, for Champ d’Action and KVS Brussels (work in progress).
2009 Soundscape based on Shaun Tan`s book The Arrival: 60 voices from refugees without papers living in Antwerp, Belgium.. Assessment for Department of Sound Design, KASKA.
2006 Sound Assistant for Social Project. Collaborated in the production of three short films for the City of Antwerp of public spaces, Coninckx Plein, Sint-Jan Plein and Park Noord neighbourhood.
2008 Set Photograph for a promotional film on commuting to city schools for the Province of Antwerp.
2003-2008 Public workshops presented in primary and secondary schools on the living situation of the Wodaabe.
2002: Sound Assistant for Women from South America. Short film for the South American Community in Antwerp with Orlando Verde.