OVERTOON ( receives structural support of €157,463 per year for the period of 2023-2027. Overtoon is looking for an artistic/general director to lead and shape the organisation for the coming policy period.

Since 2013, Overtoon has been developed as a platform for sound arts with funding acquired through the Arts Decree. This is a hybrid domain, ranging from sound-based installation art, in some cases with a performance aspect, to experimental media art, to visual art that utilises sound. In doing so, Overtoon focuses on several functions as defined in the Arts Decree:

  1. development through production residencies and research residencies for young to more experienced artists, coaching and project guidance being key aspects
  2. production by the offering of creation budgets and through sustainable co-production partnerships with STUK and Concertgebouw, among others
  3. presentation in collaboration with very diverse presentation partners in Belgium and abroad

Knowledge sharing is also part of the coaching in the everyday studio environment, and is also done through lectures and communication. Overtoon is part of the PAM network in Belgium. On an international level, Overtoon coordinates the EU Oscillations project (2020-2023) and is a partner in the EU Sonic Ceramics project (residencies in ‘23 and ‘24). In recent years, Overtoon has seen significant growth in terms of the number of its activities and its audience reach, including an expansion into major festivals with a focus on technology and innovation.

In the 2023-2027 policy period, Overtoon seeks to:

1) reach even more artists with residencies and project support, including by focusing on the transition from art education to the professional arts landscape;

2) create a greater familiarity with and understanding of sound arts, both among specific audiences, such as art students, as well as among the general public.

Overtoon requested a subsidy of 214,925 euro from the Flemish government for its 2023-2027 plans, assuming a staff of 2.2 FTEs (0.8 artistic director, 0.8 business director and 0.6 studio manager). The Flemish government granted Overtoon 70% of the requested funds, and now expects an updated policy plan. So, together with the board, the artistic and general management must develop a realistic updated policy plan, with an updated delegation of the roles and responsibilities within the organisation.



Job description

As artistic and general director, you have ultimate responsibility for the running of Overtoon. You will translate the new policy plan for the period 2023-2027 into a concrete action plan. In doing so, you will build on the strengths of the existing organisation with residencies, creations and the promotion of sound art, and work on new policy priorities such as reaching more (young) artists, achieving a greater flow of sound artists into the professional arts field, and an even better visibility and understanding of sound art among the general public.

To make this possible, you will initiate and maintain professional relationships with (potential) partners, subsidisers, art schools, individual artists. You will implement the outlined policy and monitor the implementation of the action plan. To this end, you will collaborate with yet-to-be-recruited staff member(s) for business support and studio management, as well as numerous external partners. You will closely follow the developments in your field to anticipate possible trends and opportunities, and prepare the organisation’s long-term policy in dialogue with the board.

Within budgetary constraints, you will seek out the necessary employee(s) and / or external service providers to professionally and efficiently support you in achieving Overtoon’s mission, to then manage them and ensure a motivating and safe working environment.

You will ensure that projects are realised without exceeding the available resources.

You will maintain good governance and fair practices and communicate frequently with the governing body about the organisation’s steps in this regard.


You have a keen interest in or knowledge of sound arts, based on which you will be able to develop an artistic vision. You are familiar with the dynamics and needs of (this part of) the arts field, both in Flanders and Brussels and internationally, and can support your artistic vision with a business-like realism. You are communicative, people-oriented and stress-resistant, and can smoothly combine internal day-to-day management with the role of being the organisation’s point of contact for external parties. You manage people in a supportive manner, delegating and following up on tasks, and, as the person with ultimate responsibility, you ensure the best organisational conditions for achieving Overtoon’s mission.

  • You have a third-level degree or the equivalent through experience.
  • You are multilingual (Dutch, English, French).
  • You are a networker and communicator who identifies and takes advantage of opportunities and is able to translate Overtoon’s mission to different contexts and for different stakeholders.
  • You have a realistic picture of the future potential of the organisation.
  • You have strong analytical skills.
  • You have at least some experience managing employees.
  • You are people-savvy and empathetic


With the support of the employee(s) who have yet to be recruited and external consultants, you will translate the multi-year plan into concrete actions. You will initiate new subsidy applications or alternative means of funding and ensure that the objectives of (project) subsidies already awarded are met. You will establish contact with possible residents through art schools or curator contacts.
You will employ external experts to guide residents, and also establish contact with possible coaches, co-producers, presentation venues. You will discuss with artists their support needs in an open atmosphere, showing a great willingness to listen. You will make individual arrangements within the budgetary constraints of Overtoon in the spirit of fair practice. You will communicate with governments, partners and artists and develop a new communication plan. You will coordinate public events (exhibitions, performances, symposia). You will be ultimately responsible for reporting to subsidy providers and the governing body, and secure the necessary staff support for this.


- Inspiring and dynamic arts environment

- Room for responsibility

- Flexible hours

- Commuting allowance

- A spacious workplace in the centre of Brussels

Available from 24 October 2022.

Permanent contract with a half-year trial period, 80% or 100% FTE, pay scale A (PC304), seniority in the sector will be honoured.

We would like to receive your cover letter and CV by 30 September 2022, addressed to the governing board.


If you have any questions about this vacancy, please send a message to the above email address or, after 5pm, call 0497 460196.

Overtoon is supported by the government of Flanders, the Flemish Community Commission in Brussels, and Creative Europe: