Jeroen Vandesande Production Artist

Jeroen Vandesande takes a highly explorative approach to sound and composition. His works combine avant-garde compositional methods such as game theory and chance operations with contemporary DIY techniques like no-input mixing, chaotic feedback systems and DIY electronics. Through musical performance Vandesande reflects on the the conditions of our communication, on the possibility of harmony and the loss of it. He therefore focuses on the game that controls human communication. He experiments with the roles and the game between composer, performer and audience, also in the visual reflection of it.

Overtoon (co)productions by Jeroen Vandesande

Circuit 03 2014

Other productions


Presentations by Jeroen Vandesande

Circuit 03 solo show z33 Hasselt Belgium 2014
Sounding City festival Festival Kortrijk Kortrijk Belgium 2015
Sense Of Sound group show z33 Hasselt Belgium 2014
Overtoon group show iMal Brussels Belgium 2013
Interstice 11 festival Musée des Beaux-Arts Caen France 2016
Lambda² group show Le Bon Accueil Rennes France 2016
CIRCUIT03 solo show Klangraum Krems Krems Austria 2016