Jeroen Uyttendaele Production Artist

A central theme in Jeroen’s work is the tangibility and visualization of primal technological principals within a musical framework. This translates itself through the development of audiovisual instruments, installations and sound compositions. The possibilities of his self designed media are the main ingredients for compositions in time and space. The enormous quantity of information which is daily absorbed often doesn't leave its digital module. Content is housed within slick housings, lcd-screens or tiny speakers. Through electronic music, instruments and installations Jeroen searches for a form that is experienced as "real". A language that hides as little as possible but reveals and exploits all internal elements in a non-hierarchical manner. The nature of the material itself becomes thus a substantial part in the meaning of his work.

Overtoon (co)productions by Jeroen Uyttendaele

Vonkveld 3 2014
Leeway 2013

Research projects


Other productions


Presentations by Jeroen Uyttendaele

λ, group show, Le bon Acceuil / Festival Maintenant, Rennes, France, 2015
The State of Things, group show, iMAL, Brussels, Belgium, 2015
In Praise of Shadows, group show, Tetem Kunstruimte, Enschede, Netherlands, 2014
Oscillation Festival 2021, festival, Q-O2, Brussels, Belgium, 2021
Beyond Music #5, performance, STUK, Leuven, Belgium, 2021