Polyhedra Environment  Floris Vanhoof Jan 2017 -

An environment consisting of a loudspeaker orchestra of thirty different geometric shapes including light and projections.
Installations by Floris Vanhoof function like instruments to examine perception. In this case a live symphonic sound appears to approach us as a cloud of sounds. Normally, electro-acoustic music played on loudspeakers comes across rather evenly, and less vibrant. This installation aims at a rich acoustic layered mass of sound sources, much like an orchestra. It all starts out from a simple stereo signal that spreads through a wood of shapes, travelling and distorting according to each object. The audience is invited to walk in between the sounding objects. Different sizes, forms and positions affect the experience of listening: a bigger and rounder shape left back will translate the sound signal different from a small square box in the front.
Natural movements belonging to the music material (low to high for instance) coincide with countless travels in the space between loudspeakers.

A project in collaboration with Overtoon, Het Bos en KRAAK.

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Polyhedra Environment



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