555 bugs  Maria Komarova Oct 2019 -

555 bugs is an ongoing research of Maria Komarova that she is developing as part of her internship in Overtoon from October 2019 till August 2020. The research aims to show sound and visual aspects of electronics mainly in performative but also in installation context. In this project Maria is combining roles of stage designer and sound artist by interconnecting meanings of the “scenography” and the “sound design”.

Maria is focusing on the creation of “alternative sound sources” and exploring ways of their indirect control as an independent non-amplified objects. The practical idea is to create different kinds of sound sources by using elementary objects - that do not need any, or only small, adjustments - and combining them with analog technologies. Maria has produced prototypes out of electronic and recycled material: rubbish and found objects, self-made electrical circuits and simple electronic devices such as buzzers, sirens, small dc motors, piezo speakers. The objects are powered by low-current batteries and they produce primitive and tiny sounds: rustling, crunching, squeaking, cracking.

Most of the circuits are based on the use of the square wave generator on 555 timer and some include LDR (light dependent resistor) that serves as one of possible tools for indirect controlling “inside” of the object. Currently, Maria is exploring the possibilities of indirect controlling “from outside” and between the objects.

The project 555 bugs was partly inspired by the work “Dead plants and living objects” of Rie Nakajima and Pierre Berthet .

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555 bugs