Appareils Sporophoniques  Roxanne Métayer Sep 2022 -

The Appareils Sporophoniques are ceramic sculptures that diffuse sound. They all have different shapes but all have in common their resemblance to fungi and bryophytes. Inside each is a speaker. These are sound pavilions or caskets that amplify the sound.

The musical choices are also linked to the flora and fauna. We hear violin, voices, flutes, and other recordings that together shape an environment that evokes a fictional forest.

Depending on their shapes and sizes, sound travels in different ways. The smaller they are, the more treble will be favored. The wider they are and the longer their duct, the more the bass will be and the higher the sound intensity will be.

The sounds composed for the Appareils Sporophoniques circulate from one to the other. They are all interconnected. Arranged in a room, you can listen to the same sound element move from one sculpture to another. The multiplicity of sound sources amplifies the sound and creates an immersive environment. It is a polyphonic system.

Sporophonic Devices are as much machines that broadcast sound as living elements of a fiction that emit their own cries and whistles.

Research projects by Roxanne Métayer

Appareils Sporophoniques