Aeterna Clavis  Thomas Barbé Feb 2022 -

Thomas Barbé is researching an electro-acoustic string instrument that can be kept in constant vibration with electronic bows.
An electronic bow has two electromagnets. The first captures the vibrations of the strings. The signal that is received is amplified by an electronic amplifier circuit and sent out again by the second electromagnet, which keeps the strings in vibration.

The pitch of the notes is adjusted with capodastres that are attached to slides along the strings. This instrument will thus be played with a gesture similar to the manipulation of a mixing board: turning keys and potentiometers. It will allow to dig in layers of harmonic and rhythmic vibrations, producing drones ranging from infrabass to high-medium.

Initially, the aim will be to develop a device for performances, but later, in a second phase, also for an installation set-up. In this phase, the addition of servomotors and a microprocessor will make the instrument autonomous and the resulting arrangement generative.

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