Seeding Noise  Ines Marita Schaerer Jul 2021 -

Seasonal Neighbours is a loose-fixed collective, focusing on different forms of seasonality
and forms of cohabitation in Europe’s countryside. Through fieldwork, art and design
interventions, critical conversations, thoughtful representations and written research,
this subject is explored in a myriad of themes.

My own research is based on an attempt to take a closer look at the rhythms and cycles
in the field, and the relationships between working bodies and crops. Their roles within
the agricultural sector are interdependent and intertwined with each other. To consider
both requires a different form of listening. Both the plants and the workers are disciplined
and rhythmized within this industrial agricultural framework, but there are still important
natural, biological processes which resist the compulsion of synchronisation.

Together with the composer Caroline Profanter, we speculated on these processes and
biological (poly-)rhythms as resisting, arbitrary forces against the synchronisation and
the silencing by monoculture.

During the group exhibition of Seasonal Neighbours in Z33 we showed the first stage of
this research. The project will later be presented in the form of a concert in a strawberry
greenhouse, with all the living beings in this habitat as the audience (including plants and
insects, permanent and seasonal workers).

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Seeding Noise