Seasonal Neighbours  Ines Marita Schaerer Jul 2021 -

Seasonal Neighbours ( is an international collective of 17 artists, architects, designers and researchers. The whole project looks at the evolution of the metabolism of horticulture, the rural landscape and European seasonal migration to formulate questions in relation to the economy of scale in the agriculture sector, domesticity and new forms of cohabitation and collaboration. Different stages of the individual research topics will be presented in public moments, in interventions in the rural parts of Flandern and the Netherlands, as well as in an exhibition in Z33 in Hasselt in January 2022 and in a subsequent publication.

My own research is based on an attempt to take a closer look not only to the worker, but also to another species: the crops. Their roles within the agricultural sector are interdependent and intertwined with each other. To consider both species requires a different form of listening. Both, plants and the workers are disciplined and also rhythmized within this agricultural framework, but there are still important natural, biological processes which resist the compulsion of synchronisation. With means of translation and an experimental mapping, I speculate on these processes and natural, biological (poly-)rhythms as resisting, arbitrary forces against the synchronisation and the silencing by monoculture. They all come together in a multispecies sonic mapping in which complexities and chaos are acknowledged.

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Seasonal Neighbours