Holidays from the Bigger World  Maria Komarova Jul 2022 -

As a research Holidays from the Bigger World aims to discover possibilities of engagement with daily materials through embodiment and close interactions involving haptic, visual and sonic senses. Its main focuses are formulated around the materiality and a participative aspect of spectatorship in installation art. In this project, Maria Komarova is exploring scenographical settings that reduce the distance between the potential audience and the artwork, e.g. by working with interactive technologies, scores and simple objects which appearance triggers curiosity and provokes actions.

She will be working with deconstructed readymades and textures that either have interesting haptic qualities or evoke the feeling of tactile sensation. During the residency in Overtoon, she will approach sound as a tool for emphasizing the materiality of these objects, for example by using them as containers for speakers producing pre-recorded tactile ASMR-like sounds. She is also interested in experimenting with real-time ways of capturing, modulating and reproducing sounds of material by using low-power electronics.

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Holidays from the Bigger World
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