Remanence  Léa Roger Sep 2022 -

Sound and light are energy, waves, vibrations
We produce them as many as they circulate around us in the elusive electromagnetic field.
The energy flows are indeed not palpable, they are like invisible, ephemeral presences, which only exist through my feelings.
In this room, the light reveals the energy that passes through it when it is reflected, and for a moment, allows us to communicate with it, through the intensity of the vibrations created by our movements in space.
Her energy and ours begin to merge in this molecular agitation, we then find ourselves faced with something that we do not grasp, but which goes through us.
Are we in communication with something outside or simply with our own fluids ?

About the process :
This installation is interactive and always moving, in the sense that it is the steps of the visitors which are captured by a seismic microphone, which activate the movements of the reflective paper and the intensity of the lights which reflect on the wall a moving organic image. The form of the image comes only from the material itself, because it is only the reflection of blank papers, only produced by the light reflection. The variation of the amplitudes of visitors’s footsteps sound control the speed of rotation of the fan which moves the reflective papers and the intensity of the lights. An immersive composition made by organic feedbacks and infra-bass sounds accompanies the interactions and behaviors of the entity that comes alive in front of us.

Research projects by Léa Roger