Overtoon is an artist-run platform for practitioners working with sound.
Overtoon supports the production of and research into sound-based practices, as well as their dissemination.

Overtoon's sound advocacy work primarily occurs in the form of residencies.
Situated in central Brussels, Overtoon offers residents and collaborators infrastructural and administrative support, technical and critical consulting, financial support, and access to a broad international network.

Overtoon offers two types of residencies: production residencies and research residencies. Production residents are invited to work for up to a year on projects to be presented in Overtoon's network. Research residents are welcome for shorter, flexible spans of time for independent, investigative sound-based projects.
There are no calls for residencies. Production residencies are typically arranged in dialogue with partners in the Overtoon network. Research residencies can be arranged directly with Overtoon at any time, subject to availability.

Overtoon was founded in 2005 by Aernoudt Jacobs. Since 2013 Christoph De Boeck and Aernoudt Jacobs led the organization as co-artistic directors through 2022.

In November 2022, Bill Dietz was appointed artistic director. Throughout 2023, the organization was engaged in an audit of its past projects and practices as well as an overhaul of its mission and public presentation in the transitional lead-up to Dietz' stepping into his directorial role.

Overtoon is supported by the government of Flanders, the Flemish Community Commission in Brussels, and Creative Europe: