KRAMP and the SHAKERS  Stijn Wybouw Dec 2021 -

Stijn Wybouw's work often starts from very rudimentary sounds/instruments, such as home-made shakers, rattles, bells on chicken legs. These instruments serve as an important source of inspiration. Last summer he made rattling machines using handmade shakers and found objects. These were used in a group exhibition High-Voltage to create a total installation together with the other artists.

His research at Overtoon continues on this premise as it continues to trigger his inspiration and he wants to find ways to refine sonic aspects. An additional source of inspiration are field recordings of fiercely rustling cricket fields that he made a few years ago while travelling through Spain.
An artificial machine-like drone sound in combination with the sound of the rattles could be a good complement to a translation of the ferocious cricket fields.

Research projects by Stijn Wybouw