Color Of Noise Aernoudt Jacobs 2015

Color Of Noise is an installation initially started while researching electroactive polymers and other metamaterials in collaboration with EMPA (Zurich) and Liquid Things (University of Applied Arts in Vienna). Electroactive polymers are materials that change shape as they get supplied with electricity. They are also referred to as artificial muscles.
The research was done to develop a speaker that can take different shapes and act simultaneously as an artificial sound filter. This prototype combines an artificial muscle with a PVDF speaker foil. When the muscle contracts, the sounds emitted by the speaker sound differently because the inherent sound reflections of the speaker changes.
The sounds emitted by the installation are an accumulation of the omnipresent sounds that we both consciously and unconsciously daily produce. They become full-spectrum because they are a summation of all possible frequencies. Summed together they become the condensed sonic imprint of our postmodern soundscape.

Productions by Aernoudt Jacobs

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