Rear Window Stéfan Piat 2014

Rear Window (2010-2014) pulls the sounds from the visible outside world – the city as well as the Beguinage garden – inside. Conversely, the sounds we hear inside the exhibition space draw the spectator’s eyes outside. The window becomes a screen and the sound we hear is a soundtrack playing in real time. The installation invites the visitor to listen actively and this way shows us a way to discover a familiar environment in a new way. While visual perception tends to create distance, sound has a more immersive and direct effect. This way sound may even pull us closer into our surroundings.

Concept and realisation by Stéfan Piat. Hi-Fi (design and electronics) by Guillaume Bernier. A production of Overtoon. Thanks to Constant vzw, Greylight Projects, Q-o2.