Hortus Sonoris Christoph De Boeck 2013

This set-up is a smaller - sound only - version of Hortus, the large outdoor project for gardens and parks which was developed in collaboration with writer Patricia Portela. Unlike the bigger project, this one can be mounted indoors provided there is a green space.

Hortus Sonoris proposes an artistic ecology. The visitor walks into a green space where a sensor network registers the dynamics of human traffic and exterior wind and sunlight conditions. These data define the diversity of bird avatars that the visitor can hear in the exhibition. Whenever visitors move the realistic sounds are replaced with synthetic versions of the same bird call.

Coproduction of Overtoon and MAC Créteil/Paris for the group exhibition 'Natures Artificielles'.

Productions by Christoph De Boeck

Punctuation #2
Punctuation #1
Plant Condition
Language I
Time Code Matter
Black Box
Hortus Sonoris
Floating Beam