Roxanne Métayer Research Artist

Roxane Métayer was born in France in 1992. She learned to play the violin there when she was younger, then continued her studies in Belgium, at the School of Graphic Research, where she obtained her Master's degree in Speculative Narration, Stories and Experiments.
Now, she continues her practice as a visual artist and musician in Brussels.
She exhibited in 2020 at the CACLB, for the M/Ondes exhibition and this year for a solo show during the MV Festival in Dijon. She has released several albums with the labels Vlek, Kraak, Morc, and Primordial Void.
She plays regularly in Brussels, notably at the Ateliers Claus, the Beursschouwburg and the Meakusma festival. Albums released feature on Marionnette Label, Student of decay, Morc and Wabisabi tapes.
In collaboration with artists and dancers, Siet Raeymaekers and Jeanne Colin, she is developing two separate projects during residencies at Het Bos in Antwerp, Buda in Kortrijk, and the Château de Monthelon in France. She is a composer and performer for Jeanne Colin's solo, Abysse, solo d'un corps rêvant, and performer alongside Siet Raeymaekers for their piece Gebogen Ogen. Recently, she was also in residence in Brussels to collaborate with the artists of the Ateliers Indigo.

Through different media and materials such as beeswax, clay, or soap, her work features fictitious flora and fauna. Guided by organic imagery, she draws in different natural environments, creates evocations of these settings, imitating nature as nature does itself in order to maintain itself. In her work details matter. Drawings and sculptures are made of folds and shadows, and composed of a multiplicity of interstices unfolding little by little over long hours of work.

Sound is important for the composition of her pieces. The creation of soundtracks are a starting point for her films and after everything is drawn together into the scenic space of a sound installation. She created them from collages composed of nature field recordings on one hand and sounds produced herself by using various string and wind instruments, and her own voice.

Research projects

Appareils Sporophoniques