LFS1 Mariska De Groot 2016

LFS1 is an installation originating from the two artists’ ongoing research into dynamic architectures composed of solid and ephemeral media. Innovative and antiquated technologies meet in a forest of light and sound emitting nodes. Sculptural light beams orchestrate the emergent pulsing and waving field.

Supported by iii, Creative Industries Fund NL, Stichting Stokroos, STROOM Den Haag.

Realized with the assitance of: Marije Baalman, ATtiny synth module design & PCB assembly guidance, Simon de Bakker, PCB design, Huub Lolang, silk screen printing

Presentations of LFS1

GRASNAPOLSKY, festival, Radio Kootwijk, The Veluwe, The Netherlands, 2018
LICHTROUTEN, group show, Forum, Ludenscheid, Germany, 2018