INSUB META ORCHESTRA Yann Leguay various artists

Insub Meta Orchestra (IMO) is a large ensemble of about 25 – 30 international musicians based on experimental and electro-acoustic musicianship. Founded in 2010 by Cyril Bondi and d’incise, it has been developing a very characteristic and highly collectivistic way of music making in which individual gestures merge and disappear in global soundscapes.

Alexis Degrenier (hurdy-gurdy) – Anna-Kaisa Meklin (viola da gamba) – Andreas Glauser (electronic) – Angelika Sheridan (flutes) – Antoine Läng (voice) – Anouck Genthon (violin) – Béatrice Graf (percussions) – Bertrand Gauguet (saxophone) – Brice Catherin (cello) – Bruno Crochet (electronic) – Christian Müller(clarinet) – Christian Neff (violin) – Christoph Schiller (zither) – Christophe Berthet (saxophone) – Coralie Lonfat (electronic) – Cyril Bondi (percussions) – d’incise (electronic) – Daniel Tyrrell (guitar) – Dorothea Schürch (voice) – Eric Ruffing (electronic) – Fred Minner (bass) – Gerald Perera (doublebass) – Golem Mecanique (electronic) – Hans Koch (clarinet) – Heike Fiedler (voice) – Ivan Verda (guitar) – Jacques Demierre (harmonium) – Jamasp Jhabvala (violin) – Loïc Grobety (bass) - Lu Danseizen (objects) – Luc Müller (percussions) – Marie Schwab (violin) – Marei Seuthe (cello) – Maxime Hänsenberger (percussions) - Patricia Bosshard (violin) – Raphaël Ortis (electronic) – Regula Gerber (doublebass) – Rodolphe Loubatière(percussions) – Sébastien Branche (saxophone) – Sandra Weiss (bassoon) – Steve Buchanan (saxophone) – Teresa Hackel (recorder) – Thierry Simonot (electronic) – Thomas Peter (electronic) – Violeta Motta (flutes) – Vincent Ruiz (doublebass) – Vinz Vonlanthen (guitar) – Wanda Obertova (voice) – Yann Leguay (electronic) – Yukari (flutes).


klub katarakt | International Festival for Experimental Music, festival, Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany, 2018