Multiplicity Justin Bennett 2017

The (ongoing) project Multiplicity was developed during a residency at Overtoon which Bennett used to investigate the acoustic territories of the city of Brussels. Territories of language: voices, narratives. Territories of security: signals, announcements and sirens. Territories of work. Territories of birds and animals. Underground territories: the reverberations and resonances of the tunnels and passageways of the city.

Multiplicity consists of a number of pieces in different media which can be shown together or individually.

- A sculpture made of old brass instruments which plays an ever-changing five-channel composition of musical sounds and field recordings. The form of the instrument is based on the metro network of Brussels.

- A collection of "Filters" - small sculptural objects which act as listening tubes.

- A collection of recordings made through these filters.

- A text with sonogram images which analyzes the role of sirens in the soundscape of the city.

- A collection of drawings and photographs which provide context for the above works.

Coproduced by Overtoon, Jubilee and supported by Stroom Den Haag and Mondriaan Fonds.

Presentations of Multiplicity

The State of Things 2017, group show, iMAL, Brussels, BELGIUM, 2017
Ondertussen: Justin Bennett, solo show, Stroom Den Haag, Den Haag, The Netherlands, 2017
Oscillation, festival, Q-O2, Brussels, Belgium, 2019
RE:SOUND, special event, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark, 2019
De Week van de Klank 2020, festival, MIM, Brussels, Belgium, 2020
Helicotrema 2020, web event, Helicotrema, Modena, Italy, 2020