W/HOLE Expansion Katerina Undo 2016

W/hole Expansion is a Mental Electricity Short/circuiting Experiment, inspired by the paradox characterizing the work and the persona of Antonin Artaud, in resonance with his impalpable concept of the Body without Organs.

Dear Other,
Given that:

1. There is no Truth in Art, and
2. All writing is pigshit,

I'm writing you the whole truth and nothing but the truth concerning the work:

W/HOLE Expansion
"The machine of being, or drawing to be looked at sideways"

Everyone will tell you that I am a schizophrenic megalomaniac. That is correct.
It is normal to expect from a person like me a work referring to the self, to myself.
Everyone will also tell you that I am obsessed with the occult and Antonin Artaud.
That is also correct. Artaud is my vehicle in a transition from the absolute to the subjectile.
Overwhelming my every single mental atom with transformations of desire.
For I imagine that such is the desire of the other. Desiring machines, machines of being...
You like the thoughts I think. Don't you?
When Artaud's mental electricity electrocuted my mind, this work occurred.

Sincerely yours,
Katerina Undo

W/hole Expansion is a production of OVERTOON.

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W/HOLE Expansion
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