Time is a technology Gert Aertsen 2014

“There can be no silence up in the mountains, since their very contours roar. And for there to be silence, time itself has to attain a sort of horizontality; there has to be no echo of time in the future, but simply a sliding of geological strata one upon the other giving out nothing more than a fossil murmur.” America, Jean Baudrillard

A stone is dragged through the space using a hoist. The movement is so slow that it is hardly visible. The sound of the stone moving across grains of sand is picked up by microphones inside the stone and this sound is amplified through metal plates serving as loudspeakers. The extremely slow movement magnifies, as it were, each point of contact, making time tangible – or rather: audible – through the creaking and grating sounds. As the day progresses, the sound cumulates into an increasingly richer and fuller sound. At the end of the day, the sounds become a recording of the amount of energy necessary to move the stone. Like in his other works, the artist Gert Aertsen here reflects on the relationship between time and technology in our current information society. Aertsen tries to reverse this relationship and make it slow down rather than wanting to continue increasing its speed.

Produced by Overtoon, coproduced by Z33 and Lahaag

Productions by Gert Aertsen

Time is a technology
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