Language I Christoph De Boeck 2011

L A N G U A G E is a series of loudspeaker objects which couples the idea of language as a system with the physical power of air pressure.

In the first object L A N G U A G E 1 there are 16 speaker cones which are switched on and off sequentially by supplying a fixed voltage. This jolt of power does not produce audio content; it merely maximises the expansion of the cone. Lighting accentuates the difference between elements switched on or off, resulting in a graphical pattern.

Every object in this series consists of eight or a plurality of eight speaker elements. This division refers to what is called words, groups of digits in computer code. The abstract dimension of code is transformed in this object into a physical output that displaces air in a pointless fashion.

In its finished form this series will be presented with the objects distributed over the walls of one space.

Produced by Deepblue

Productions by Christoph De Boeck

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