• The sea in sound and image    group show
  • SARA by VOID
    Thalassa! Thalassa! by Erik Nerinckx
  • Concertgebouw in Brugge, Belgium  ‘t Zand 34, 8000 Brugge
  • From 26 December 2021 to 31 January 2022

    Erik Nerinckx captures the immense, turbulent natural force of the sea in an all-encompassing recording made at the coast. Sixteen speakers replay its murmur, rustle and roar as a massive wall of sound.
    Artist duo VOID visualise the sounds of the sea. With SARA – inspired by a 19th century technique that recorded sound as visual squiggles – they make its water visible.
    Stijn Demeulenaere goes out to sea and brings us a poetic exploration that voices the unseen, polluted and disrupted (sound) landscape beneath the waves.

  • Sound as vibration: ways of seeing sound    solo show
  • Sound as vibration by Els Viaene
  • Lydgalleriet in Bergen, Norway  Strandgaten 195, Bergen
  • From 18 December 2021 to 23 January 2022

    What is sound? What is this phenomenon we can’t see but that touches us?
    These where the starting questions that made sound artist Els Viaene have a deeper look at the visual manifestations of sound.
    The artist’s research and experimentation investigates sound at its source, the moment it is shaped. In this project she approaches sound as a physical phenomenon: a vibration, a wave, a variation in air pressure.
    Her quest to understand sound brings her to other worlds and other times. The result is a performance and installation in which science, sound and sculpture meet.

  • Trains and Tracks    group show
  • Entre-Temps by Farida Amadou
  • Europalia in Brussels, Belgium  Royal Museum Of Fine Art
  • From 7 December 2021 to 13 February 2022
  • Fonotopias    solo show
  • VOLTA by Yann Leguay
  • Ex Teresa in Mexico City, Mexico
  • From 23 September 2021 to 31 January 2022

    Solo show with 8 works by Yann Leguay