Human Organ Concerto
Human Organ Concerto by Jo Caimo ©Jo Caimo

On the occasion of 'De Week van de Klank/ La Semaine du Son' Overtoon presents Human Organ Concerto by Jo Caimo at the Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels.
Human Organ Concerto is an audio-visual installation that has to be 'performed' by the audience. An organ is being controlled by the rhythm of breathing of maximum 10 people. They breath through a wireless device that translates their breath into 4 electric pulses, which is connected to 4 different tones of a pipe-organ.
The Human Organ Instrument (HOI) is a device that registers the rhythm of the human respiratory system made for an ensemble played by everybody who can breathe.

Also during the same week of sound, the Atelier de création sonore radiophonique programs an experimental workshop Listening / Intervention by Davide Tidoni. The artist developed the listening exercises during a research residency at Overtoon in 2016.

Week van de Klank, festival
Human Organ Concerto by Jo Caimo
MIM in Brussels, Belgium - Hofberg, 2
From 31 January 2018 to 4 February 2018
Hours: 10:00 > 16:30
Vernissage and demonstration with the artist on Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 12:30

Listening / Intervention by Davide Tidoni
C.C. Jacques Franck in Brussels, Belgium Waterloosteenweg 94
3 February 2018
Hours: 17:30

Mariska De Groot
Mariska De Groot ©Piet Kers

Intrigued by the phenomena and history of optical sound, Mariska de Groot (1982, NL) makes, performs and composes for comprehensive analog light-to-sound instruments and installations which explore this principle in new ways. Her work often has a reference to media inventions from the past, with which she aims to excite a multi-sensorial and phenomenological experience in light, sound, movement and space.
At Overtoon Mariska will do research on the kaleidophone and produce a new installation. Using the popular with the obsolete media, she will explore the possibilities of dynamic light patterns and optical sound using lasers and the kinetic properties of sound. The kaleidophone is an optical toy with a shiny ball on a rod invented in 1827 by Charles Wheatstone that describes complicated figures when stimulated with (sound) vibrations. De Groot will use this principle as a starting point for a mechanical laser controller.
In this work lasers will be used as the very thin and precise wireless transmitters of sound, and in the same time as a tool to draw and enlarge the patterns of the kaleidophone with light. Light sensors will sonify the changing light patterns, creating a rhythmical soundscape.

Already in October 2017 Yann Leguay started his research at Overtoon under the working title Volta. In 2018 he will stay in our studios for a production residency. For that he is going further (or deeper) in his former research focused on various media, publications and interfaces. Trying to reach the core of the device’s behavior, he explores the potential of the electricity itself, as a source.

klub katarakt | International Festival for Experimental Music, festival
INSUB META ORCHESTRA by Yann Leguay and various artists
Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany Jarrestraße 20
17 January 2018
Hours: 20:00

UITnacht Arnhem, festival
Stirred Mandala by Mariska De Groot
Theater Oostpool in Arnhem, The Netherlands - Nieuwstraat 58
26 January 2018
Hours: 19:30-23:00

LFS1 by Mariska De Groot
Radio Kootwijk in The Veluwe, The Netherlands
From 2 February 2018 to 4 February 2018

Meanwhile, performance
by Yann Leguay and Gaëtan Rusquet
Centre Pompidou in Paris, France
16 February 2018 and 17 February 2018
Hours: Fri: 20:30 - Sat: 15:00

Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi - Justin Bennett
Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains, 2017 ©Justin Bennett

Artefact is a thematic exhibition and festival on the crossroads of contemporary visual arts, current events and societal challenges. Artefact 2018 This Rare Earth — Stories from Below directs our gaze down to our feet, to the geological materials that lie beneath the earth’s surface.
Justin Bennett was selected for the exhibition with his audiovisual installation Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains on the Kola Super-Deep Borehole, the deepest man-made hole on earth, made by the Soviets during the Cold War.

Artefact, expo festival
Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains by Justin Bennett
STUK in Leuven, Belgium Naamsestraat 96
From 13 February 2018 to 1 March 2018
Hours: We - Sa 14:00 - 22:00; Su - Tu 14:00 - 19:00
Opening on Tuesday, 13 February 2018 19:30
Artist Talk on Monday, 19 February 2018 19:00