Vica Pacheco's project Animacy or A breath manifest has progressed in different stages. This year she's developed a stage performance / concert which features many of her ceramic creations as sound sources for electronic music. In the framework of Oscillations - Exercisis in Resilience, Overtoon presents her concert in Viseu, during the festival Jardins Efémeros.

Animacy or A breath manifest is a series of sound performances consisting in playing and amplifying the sound sculptures, looping and sampling them directly, using granular synthesis and digital sound effects to create an improvised composition, a sonic environment in formation. The importance of emphasising the idea of breathing came naturally when she experimented with it in her home studio. The instruments breathe; they breathe in while swinging to one side and they sing while exhaling while swinging to the other side.

8 July 2022
Jardins Efémeros
Adro da Sé de Viseu

This performance is realised with the support of Creative Europe.

RESIDENCIES - Maria Komarova

Maria Komarova is exploring scenographical settings that reduce the distance between the potential audience and the artwork, e.g. by working with interactive technologies, scores and simple objects which appearance triggers curiosity and provokes actions. As a research her project Holidays from the Bigger World aims to discover possibilities of engagement with daily materials through embodiment and close interactions involving haptic, visual and sonic senses. Its main focuses are formulated around the materiality and a participative aspect of spectatorship in installation art.

She will be working with deconstructed readymades and textures that either have interesting haptic qualities or evoke the feeling of tactile sensation. During the residency in Overtoon, she will approach sound as a tool for emphasizing the materiality of these objects, for example by using them as containers for speakers producing pre-recorded tactile ASMR-like sounds. She is also interested in experimenting with real-time ways of capturing, modulating and reproducing sounds of material by using low-power electronics.


Asphere is neither spherical nor flat; it is a kind of in-between space.
It is that in-between space that interests artists Maika Garnica, Aiko Devriendt and Thijs Paijmans are all interested in: a space between them and the public, the intangible place in space and time in which all sorts of things emerge and happen during the creation and performance of their work. The space acts as a carrier of sound and light, which together form images.

In the coming year, they will do several residencies from which an album will eventually emerge that will be released in the autumn of 2023.

RESIDENCIES - Pavel Tchikov

Through a long interactive performance in a public space where the audience intervenes , intentionally or not, on the musical mechanism (made from a modular system, different sensors, and acoustic instruments : tamtam, singing bowls, tubular chimes), the artist imagines what a modern urban rite could be. His intent is to make time elastic, to try to stimulate the listener's acuity, in the modern urban environment and its specific soundscapes. To recreate the immersion into the rite that in the past and still nowadays allows certain civilizations to make conscious the movements that take place in the individuals and in the world they are part of.