Night Walks Davide Tidoni 2017

Night Walks is a series of sound performances and listening exercises presented in outdoor spaces at night. The activities are based on Davide's research on sound propagation in open space, active listening, and the staging of sitespecific actions that involve the use of microphones and loudspeakers as performative instruments. Each night has its own specific program and is designed in relation to the encountered spaces.

Production: Davide Tidoni and OVERTOON

Presentations of Night Walks

Où sont les sons? Where Are Sounds?, group show, CENTRALE for contemporary art, Brussels, BELGIUM, 2017
SoundArts Richmond, festival, The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design, Richmond, USA, 2018

Productions by Davide Tidoni

Listening / Intervention - 10 pieces
Night Walks
All Bodies End in Silence - 8 videos