Human Organ Concerto Jo Caimo 2016

Human Organ Concerto is an audio-visual installation that has to be ‘performed’ by the audience.
An organ is being controlled by the rhythm of breathing of maximum 10 people. They breath through a wireless device that translates their breath into 4 electric pulses, which is connected to 4 different tones of a pipe-organ.
The Human Organ Instrument (HOI) is a device that registers the rhythm of the human respiratory system made for an ensemble played by everybody who can breathe.

Concept and realisation: Jo Caimo in cooperation with Boris van Heerden and Sjoerd Leijten
Production: STORMOPKOMST, OVERTOON and Werktank.
Special thanks to iMAL.

Performance at 2m3.

Presentations of Human Organ Concerto

FAMILIEDAG STORMOPKOMST performance Bibliotheek De Wolfsput Dilbeek Belgium 2017
SECOND BIENNIAL OF BELGIUM festival In de Ruimte Ghent BELGIUM 2017
2M3 #68 performance 2m3 Brussels Belgium 2017
Instruments Make Play @ SoundLAB festival Muziekgebouw Amsterdam The Netherlands 2017
Week van de Klank festival MIM Brussels Belgium 2018
KIKK Festival 2018 festival KIKK Namur Belgium 2018