Phantom Melodies Aernoudt Jacobs 2006

In Phantom Melodies Aernoudt Jacobs (re)constructs field recordings from the Amazon rainforest as a spatial, almost palpable reality.
Phantom Melodies is an installation with a number of self-constructed rotating speakers, each producing a specific stream of sounds. The speakers are placed in a space where the public can walk about freely. The installation is playing in a loop: as a result it is perceived as a constantly shifting sound field. This field is created from the rotation and speed alterations in accordance to the sounds and the timeline of the score. The sound field is an automated composition from movements in time.

This work includes a performance. The performers (Fransico Lopez, Julia Eckhardt, Nils Chr. Moe Repstad, Espen Reinertsen, Marcus Schmickler and Aernoudt Jacobs) play with speed and rotation directions. Minimal changes in rotation has a direct impact on the perceived sounds.

Commissioned by Netwerk /centrum voor hedendaagse kunst - Aalst Production/assistant research: Andries Fluit Coproduction: Overtoon, Netwerk , Q-O2, KC België Performed in various settings with Fransico Lopez, Julia Eckhardt, Nils Chr. Moe Repstad, Espen Reinertsen, Marcus Schmickler Thanks: Johan Vandermaelen, Mamori Artlab and Francisco Lopez

Presentations of Phantom Melodies

Once also this was a mutation, solo show, Kristiansand Kunsthal, Kristiansand, Norway, 2015
Overtoon, group show, iMal, Brussels, Belgium, 2013
Soundseeing VI, solo show, DA - Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel, Germany, 2016

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